Join us Monday, September 21st from 2pm-3:30pm ET for this important and timely webinar.

There has been a drastic spike in the number of incidents of impulsive violence, acting out, screaming, threatening and destructive activity given the stress related to wearing masks in the workplace, at stores and in K-12 and college classrooms. We are seeing Asian groups targeted for hate crimes  as well as an increase in intimate partner violence.


Masks have become a visual representation of the country’s political divide. Many are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress, uncertainty and fear. This creates a perfect storm of frustration that will quickly come into the workplace, classroom settings, grocery stores, and public offices.


Given the cumulative stress of six months of pandemic fear, worry and restrictions, people are less civil to each other and more prone to engage in behaviors they would not have done in the past. People are angry they are being asked to where a mask. Others are angry they have been wearing a mask for months and are upset at those who aren’t making the same sacrifices.




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Our experts at NaBITA and TNG Safety have put together a program for educators, teachers, human resource professionals, law enforcement and student affairs staff to better understand why this is occurring and how to address it when it happens in front of you. Having a plan to respond and some tangible advice to prevent these incidents by getting out in front through preventative education is critical.


We wish we could tell you this is going away. It is much more likely we will see an increasing number of incidents related to people’s frustrations at the idea of wearing a mask, being restricted from large gatherings, social distancing and generally being at a heightened level of stress.


During this 90-minute video-based training on Monday, September 21st from 2pm-3:30pm ET, Dr. Brian Van Brunt and Jeff Solomon will share with participants the importance of understanding the difference between affective/emotional violence and the more premeditated violence we see related to mass shootings.  Drawing from over 50 years of experience teaching crisis de-escalation from psychology and law enforcement perspectives, hostage negotiation, verbal judo, motivational interviewing and crisis de-escalation, Brian and Jeff will clearly explain the issue at hand, discuss ways to prevent conflict and engage students prior to violence.


You can join us live for the event or if you have a conflict at that time, you can still receive a recording of the program. We also will share a companion guide for participants that outlines practical exercises, intervention techniques and actionable steps you can take to keep yourself and your community safe.


  • A review of several incidents that have occurred in recent months

  • Discussion of the differences between affective violence and predatory/mission-oriented violence

  • Identifying risk factors prior to escalation

  • Identifying ways to engage in crisis de-escalation for affective violence

  • Improve ways to develop rapport, find common areas of agreement and set clear expectations around classroom expectations

  • Discuss the importance of having a consistent, evidenced-bases process to address expectations around behavior

  • Review importance sharing mission-oriented/targeted behavior to the campus BIT/CARE teams


We will help you get out ahead of this growing trend by offering practical solutions and intervention suggestions for instructors, counselors, courts, law enforcement, business owners, human resources staff, staff, BIT/CARE teams.


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Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D.

Partner, TNG | President, NaBITA

Brian has worked in the counseling field for more than 25 years, and specializes in threat assessment, educational counseling, behavioral intervention and support, and issues related to mental health and alcohol/substance abuse by students. He served as the director of counseling at New England College and Western Kentucky University. He is a partner with The NCHERM Group and serves as the president of the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association (NaBITA). Brian is also a prolific writer, having authored numerous books, book chapters, and articles. He has additionally produced various assessment instruments, video training materials, and is a blogger and photographer during his spare time.

Contact Jamie Kelly
Director of Client Relations, NaBITA

Jeffrey Solomon

Vice President of Safety Initiatives, TNG

A nationally recognized expert and consultant in school safety who has been in law enforcement for nearly three decades, Jeff currently serves as the vice president of safety initiatives at TNG, and until recently served as the director of school operations for the K–12/ university division at D-Prep, Inc. Jeff has been in law enforcement for 27 years and has an extensive background in the complex field of public safety in the school environment. He has worked for the California State University Police Department and the Grant School District Police Department, six years of which he served as the chief of police. Jeff also served as an interim chief of police for a central valley California city for a little over a year. In addition, he also worked as a deputy sheriff for the Placer County sheriff’s department.